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Rules / Guidelines for atcfamofficial.com:

1. All content posted must be in English.
Now usually there's not really a issue with people speaking other languages, it would be nice if this forum could use English only considering it's the best way we'd understand each other.

2. Images / Videos posted in the shoutbox must be in spoiler tags
This is to generally prevent the shoutbox becoming unreadable if the image or video is too big.

3. Discussing spoilers for Movies or Series must happen in the spoiler tags

4. Do not bump threads without adding any particular relevance to the topic itself.

5. No piracy / Warez
If you are so inclined to send something pirated, we would recommend doing it through Private Messaging.

6. No adult content

7. No Racist / Offensive content

8. No Advertising.

9. Corrections
Posts that are for the sole purpose of correcting another user (Grammatically) are not allowed, unless it contributes to the thread. This is a public forum. Not a Grammar school.

(Some of these rules are based off of those from Warzone.gg)