About the ATCFam

Welcome to the ATCFam website- the home of all things Against The Current, for the fam, by the fam!

Against The Current are a band based in the USA, known for the way they expertly mix genres of pop and rock together, and their tasteful covers on their YouTube channel! They are also really kind and thoughtful towards their fans, which is why we would like to give the same back to them through this website. As this kind community grows larger and larger, it seems like a good time to make a platform for everyone to use, for one sole purpose: Against The Current- and so the ATCFam website was born!

Here, members of the Fam will find a fun platform with a range of ways to get involved, like sending in videos, fan art, pictures and more to share with the other members! You can send any of the media mentioned and more to atcfamofficial@gmail.com. We will also include the latest updates in the ATC world from new tour dates all through to new music releases!

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